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architect napier house

house hardy

The site, an interesting, long and narrow erf in Napier, with a 7-metre fall in height over a distance of 50 metres, sloping down from west to east, served to be the strongest design informant.


The program of the two-bedroom house was split into four distinct spaces, accommodated on different levels and embedded into the landscape. Solid and rugged bagged brick walls clearly anchor the house into its site, or place. Exquisite cypress beams and posts visually separates the roof structure from the solid brick walls and helps to create the idea of three distinct planes gently floating or hovering, above the solid brick walls.


Two garden pockets inserted between the bedrooms allows a pausing point in the strong, linear flow of the house and forms a soft and gentle contrast with the solid walls. Simple and understated finishes throughout creates a calm & comfortable atmosphere and allows for easy maintenance.


The orientation of the house, natural cross ventilation, the generous roof overhang and the use of double glazing and subfloor insulation all serve to enhance the thermal regulation. Collected rainwater is used as the main water source for the house to further minimize its environmental footprint.


Above all, by subtly nestling itself into its environment, the house still allows passers-by along the west uninterrupted views towards the Soetmuisberg mountain range.

project information

Napier, Overberg


Completed 2018


Project Type:
New Build


Property Category:
Single Residential


Project Area:


Arné Muller & Marius van Vuuren