Arniston architectural project • Teken & Draw Architecture • Arniston
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Arniston architectural project

mop cottage

The project consisted of  the renovation and refurbishment of a quaint holiday cottage in the sea-side village of Arniston.


The brief called for the removal of the existing, worn and leaking thatched roof, the addition of a second storey whilst adding a new roof, and minor internal layout changes.


The initial conceptual idea was to clearly differentiate between the vertical extension of the cottage and the original brick base by wrapping the roof sheets over the roof to cover the new second storey walls.  However, due to constraints and other informants a more subtle approach was opted for.


For its thermal properties cavity brick walls were used to encapsulate the second storey.  Selected existing windows informed the position of new apertures and exposed timber bearers, -beams and -rafters creates a comfortable and informal ambience.  The split, double timber ridge beam adds interest to the exposed timber roof structure and creates a beautiful frame for suspended light fittings.


In short, a single storey cottage with three bedrooms and two bathrooms were converted into a double storey cottage with four spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms and a more spacious open plan living- and dining area.

project information

Arniston, Cape Agulhas


Completed 2017


Project type:
Renovation & Refurbishment


Property Category:
Single Residential


Project area:


Jocelyn de Kock