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house b

The initial conceptual design proposal for a new house in Napier.


The erf, situated on the outskirts of the village, gradually slopes down from west to east and offers exquisite views over the Soetmuisberg mountain range towards the east. The design challenge is to optimize on the views towards the east whilst still allowing the sun to warm the house in the winter time.


The design proposal illustrates a rectangular floorplan for the main house, with a clear linear movement axis running from north to south. Service spaces are located to the west of the movement axis and served spaces to the east.


The pitched roof form is asymmetric, the apex of the roof corresponds with the linear movement axis of the house and the pitch opens up towards the views on the east and closes down on the west. This creates an increase in the vertical volume over the served spaces and a decrease in the volume over the service areas, accentuating the spatial order. A glazed northern gable and split roof levels will allow warm northern light to stream into the interior during the cold winter months.


A separate studio is located to the west of the garage and a second dwelling are tucked into the north eastern corner of erf. The second dwelling is not for construction during the first phase of the project.

project information

Napier, Overberg


For construction 2019


Project type:
New Build


Property Category:
Single Residential


Project area: 
Main House = 156m²
Garage & Studio = 119 m²